Calculating Attainment 8 with Assessment Manager

If you prefer to watch me do this then check out my SIMS School video here.

1, Check your gradesets. For Att8 GCSEs and AS Levels have new points values. Note that they are different in 2016 and 2017.


Remember that if you change the gradeset of your current aspects then formulae based on the old values may malfunction.

2, Set up your template. Add KS2 Average Fine Level (for calculating Progress 8) and the predicted grade aspects for all your KS4 courses. 

3, Edit the column headings of all EBacc subjects by putting 'Eb' as a prefix. Put 'Op' in front of all subjects that qualify in the 'Open Basket' (except English Literature). This will make putting in the formulae below much easier. All Formulae are 'Data Review using formula' unless otherwise stated.

4, English Basket. The highest grade out of English and English Literature counts here and if both are sat it counts double. Add a column 'En Max' using the Max formula with 1 in the box to find the highest of En and En Lit. Add a column 'En lit test' using the IF formula. Test: IF En Lit = En Lit (this tests if a lit grade is present). Value if true 'En Max' value if false '0'. Finally add a column '#En Basket' using the SUM formula to add 'En Max' and 'En Lit Test'.

5. Maths Basket. V easy if no one does AS Maths. Add a column '#Ma Basket' using the MULTIPLICATION formula to times the Maths GCSE result by two. If you do have AS Entries then the AS grade counts regardless of whether it is lower than the GCSE. If this is the case add a column 'Ma A Val' using the VALUE formula looking at the AS Prediction. Add 'Ma G Val' looking at the GCSE prediction. Add 'Ma AS Test' using the NESTED IF THEN ELSE formula. First test: IF AS Prediction = Ma AS Prediction THEN Ma A Val. Second Test: IF Ma GCSE Prediction = Ma GCSE Prediction THEN Ma G Val. The column #Ma Basket should times this column (Ma AS Test) by 2.

6. EBacc Basket. Add a column #EB1 using the MAX formula, looking at all the Eb columns with 1 in the box. #EB2 same but with 2 in the box. #EB3 same with 3.

7. Open Basket. EBacc subjects can count in the open basket if they haven't already been counted. Therefore the 4th, 5th etc EB grades can count. Add 'Op EB4' using the MAX formula to look at the Eb columns returning the 4th biggest. Add 'Op EB5,6 etc to the maximum number of EBacc entries a student can have. Remember that Computer Science now counts towards EBacc along with Science GCSEs, History, Geography and Languages.

The English grade not counted in the English Basket can also count in the Open Basket. Add 'Op En2' using the MAX formula to grab the second biggest of En Pred and En Lit Pred.

Finally add '#Op1' using the MAX formula to find the biggest grade in the columns which begin 'Op'. '#OP2' for the second biggest. #OP3.

Attainment 8: Create an Aspect for Attainment with type marks decimal (AS grades and some GCSE grades in 2017 have non-integer points values). Min 0 Max 110.

Add a formula for data entry populating Attainment 8. Type SUM and add together the 8 columns prefixed with #. 

AS Levels: If you do AS Levels in subjects other than Maths follow the maths steps to create '<sub> AS Test'. Remember to include that column (and not the GCSE or AS Columns) in subsequent formulae.

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