The MIS Test 1: Global Perspectives and Legal Documents

I'm very aware that the schools I support are under incredible pressure to raise the attainment of their pupils while reducing their running costs. Individually these are steep challenges, to do both simultaneously is incredibly difficult. Playing an essential supporting role in both endeavours is the school's MIS System. These programs cost thousands of pounds per year to licence, and more when you factor in the cost of training staff and optimising them to turn data into information. Sharing and using this information is key to helping our students fulfil their potential. That’s why I’m recording a video series to help school leaders answer two questions:

  1. Does our MIS give us the information we want as quickly as possible?
  2. Are we getting the best value for the money we spend on our MIS?

The video series MIS Test tries to answer these questions from the perspective of secondary schools by reviewing the top four providers based on market share: SIMS, Progresso, Bromcom and Integris.

The first video is here, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, especially if your school has recently changed MIS or you’re thinking of doing so. Join the conversation on twitter @rootsimp or Facebook.

UK Government Ordering Procedure Guidance is here. More information about the legal requirements of the procurement process can be found at and a mildly patronising step-by-step guide can be found at

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