Power BI

Power BI is a fantastic resource for combining and visualising large data sets. This sample report shows attendance, behaviour and attainment data. Expand the Attainment table and right click the behaviour bar chart to drill down beneath the topline figures. For more examples and tutorials, check out my blog http://powerbiforschools.blogspot.com/

Tracking Performance

Accurate, well presented pupil assessment data is a vital ingredient of school improvement. We can help you implement intelligent systems that reduce the time spent on analysis, freeing up more for direct pupil intervention. Talk to Ed to learn more.

Raising Expectations

You know about the changes that are making your school better, but how well are these being communicated to staff? For innovative strategies for building a shared belief in your school's improvement talk to Ed or check out the blog.

Policy and Accountability

With all the day to day pressure of school life it can be hard to stay on top complex and ever changing accountability frameworks as well. Take advantage of our offer of a free consultancy session to review your school's preparedness for the 2014 National Curriculum and Progress/Attainment 8. Talk to Ed to schedule your free session.

Curriculum Design

Efficient curriculum design is the key to making the most of stretched resources. With 7 years experience timetabling for schools with a wide variety of contexts and needs, we can help with everything from planning the costs and benefits of curriculum change to complete scheduling packages. Talk to Ed to arrange a free initial consultation and quotation or visit our dedicated timetabling site www.supernovatimetabling.co.uk